Ace Headwear's main products include custom hats series. Ace Headwear has great production capability and excellent technology. We also have comprehensive production and quality inspection equipment. Wholesale hats has fine workmanship, high quality, reasonable price, good appearance, and great practicality. Ace Headwear is dedicated to constantly providing efficient services based on customer demand.
In our life, there are many hats for us to wear. When you are a kid, baby cap is possible for you to prevent sunburn. When you grow up, school hats, baseball caps, trucker caps are necessary.
Such as rapers, hip-hop hats is to them is water is to fish. Hats are as important to many people as their ID cards.
ACE, a headwear manufacturer, can offer each and every one of our customers complete satisfaction with our quality and shipment punctuality. With over 15years of the full experience, ACE us replete with a well-trained group of professionals at our China office, and supplemented by our high-end production crew at our factories in Guangzhou, China. We have many long-term big brand clients, such as Major League Baseball, Diamond, Fun, FLIA and so on. We can say that we are the pioneer in the headwear industry.
Baseball cap is the more popular cap style for many people, no matter what country people come from. Normally, people will use cotton fabric for their baseball caps. Because of its durability and texture, cotton baseball caps become more and more popular. For ACE customers, they have many options for their baseball caps, such as the artwork of logos, fabric, color, size and so on. We mainly do six panels curve brim baseball caps as well as five panels curve bill baseball caps. If customers have a question about which cap style is more suitable on the aspect of six panels baseball caps or five panels baseball caps, we prefer to make suggestions according to their logos and the whole design as well as the function. From ACE, we can suggest professional recommendations due to our full experience.
The trucker cap also sells like hot cakes. Trucker Cap, which is also named mesh cap. The fabric of front two or one panel(s) maybe is cotton, and with 4 mesh back panels(flexible mesh or hard mesh is acceptable). The above statement is due to most of customers options. We also can make caps with whole six mesh panels. The mesh we choose is durable and breathable, which usually made from polyester. The trucker cap is very suitable for outdoors activities, such as go hiking, sports game, driving and so on. For many customers, they prefer embroidered trucker caps. For adept customers, they always send design files of their embroidery logo. Within 1-2weeks, the embroidered trucker cap is finished. Is easy to get an embroidered trucker cap, right? Just a file, we can help you make hats what you want.
Snapback cap is pinup for many western countries. With a flat brim to prevent sunburn and so on. Many snapback cap styles have emerged. Today I want to talk about vintage snapback cap.
Vintage snapback cap, same cap shape for normal snapback cap, but the difference is the style of it. Maybe it seems a little outdated, you could miss the difference in style, because of the quality us first-rate. ACE has made many same vintage snapback cap styles, they are welcome for many consumers. Our factory is near the fabric market, one of the largest fabric markets in China. We are definitely can help you to achieve your masterpiece.
ACE will never let you down.





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