Knitting Hat Maintenance Tips

  • Date:2020/03/19

Before washing, the best to dust off, and then put in cold water soak ten to twenty minutes, take out the excess water, put in the washing powder water gently knead wash, finally rinse with water. This is to protect the colour and lustre of knitting cap wool, avoid fading. We can also add two drops of household cooking vinegar to the water, which will remove the smell of the wool and prevent it from losing color.

There is also a way to wash the knitted cap with tea water, which not only washes off the dust, but also keeps the cap from losing color and lasts longer.

After washing the air is basked in also is the problem that does not allow to ignore, remember to do not hang with clotheshorse air is basked in. A knitted cap is the same as a sweater. Knit caps to avoid sun exposure, especially white, the best square air, otherwise will fade.




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