Different Stages Of Children's Hat Selection

  • Date:2020/03/19

In recent years, a lot of baby hats and clothing were found to be unqualified, washing size change rate, fiber content, pH value, color fastness, and so on, these are the major children's clothing brands are easy to fall detection indicators. For many mothers, there are no instruments to detect this data, so how do we know that the products we buy don't meet safety standards?

1.Baby hat for baby

Babies (0-1 years old) are characterized by large heads and small bodies, with the head accounting for 4/8 of the body length. The trunk accounts for 3/8 of the length of the body, the legs are short, accounting for 1/8 of the length of the body, the height is about 3.5 -- 4 heads tall, the bones are soft, no waist, in the body development faster, the posture changes big period. From the physiological point of view: the baby sleep more, sweat more, the frequency of milk overflow is higher, the number of excretion is more, the skin is particularly delicate, belong to do not have self-care ability and white self protection ability of the special group.

The choice of the baby hat is based on the parents' interest and understanding. For the baby's body is in the period of rapid growth, parents should pay attention to the loose and comfortable style when selecting the hat. Pure cotton fabric is the baby's first choice; The color of the hat can be white or light. In addition, must pay attention to the hat sews the thread trace must not have the break line or the thread head, in order not to harm the baby's skin; Just bought the baby's hat to remove the trademark in time, so as not to hurt the baby's delicate skin.

In this period, the growth rate of infants is slower than that of infancy, and the ratio of height is about 4 heads. From the physiological point of view, children are hyperactive, sweaty, delicate skin, can control defecation, language, action and expression ability began to show.

2. Buy baby hats for kids

In children, the cranium develops earlier than the trunk, which in turn precedes the limbs. From 2 to 6 years old, the growth of the lower limbs accelerated, greatly exceeding the development of the cranial body; By the age of six, the body is developing in relatively well-proportioned proportions. Childhood is the primary stage of youth development and the final stage of child development.

Children's hats and clothing should be safe, comfortable, loose and convenient to meet the physiological needs of physical activities. Fabrics should pay attention to its comfort and health care function, color tends to be bright, active color, according to the specific age of children and psychological characteristics to choose, the design is mainly selected children more favorite cartoon images, plants and animals, flowers, text.





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