What's The Difference Between Acustom Hat And An Off-The-Shelf Hat On The Market?

  • Date:2020/03/19

Generally, there are two types of hat purchase in the market: customized and spot purchase. The customized price has a certain period of time, while the spot purchase cost is low and the required time is short. The buyer can choose whether to make customized and spot purchase according to his own requirements and purchase budget.

Cap customization is a complex process that requires the approval of both parties before production can begin. The time cost is often higher than the value of the hat itself, but the value of the finished hat is also very large, such as an event promotion hat, can play a good publicity effect, thus increasing the sales of the product. Or the commemorative activities of a brand, customized hats play a very meaningful role, can let you deepen the impression of the brand and propaganda, is also a way of soft implant.

Spot wholesale general customer requirements are low cost, and short - time procurement mode. Often on the hat requirements are not high, or are disposable hats, so the use of the purchase of hats is very popular, the price requirement is naturally very low.





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